What does the 1st house rule?

Jupiter in first house

Ex: In Cancer in the first house, Mercury may have a lot of family in their local area and often regularly visits them. Maybe to even look at houses. Jupiter in Cancer could travel far for family reasons. Jupiter in the 1st : the Jupiter person feeds the ego of the first house person. They make them feel proud of their own existence and easily boost their confidence. Around the Jupiter person, the house person simply feels better. More optimistic. They also genuinely enjoy the House person for not only how they come off in situations, but how they face the world, project themselves, and perhaps look as well.

Emphasis on the outside could be apparent here. The couple may focus too much on appearances and the House person in general. Expansion planet in money house. The Jupiter person could help the house person in acquiring money, lending their own visions. As far as the other themes of the second house goes, Jupiter may not feel as comfortable, although I think affection can still run rather high.

The house person may want to spoil the Jupiter person, be around them all the time, and be very affectionate - enjoying the Jupiter persons positive aura. However, Jupiter can feel stifled easily and may not be comfortable with lots of affection, time together, and spoiling and it may be something that needs to be worked out.

Jupiter loves how the house person communicates and eats up every conversation, finally feeling like they found someone to keep up with them. Jupiter in 4th : if have a family together, likely to be a big family. Jovious home life together.

Jupiter in House

They could be at work all day and as long as they get to come home to each other, their spirits are brought back up and they feel rejuvenated. Jupiter in the 5th : enjoy each other immediately. Jupiter can keep up with the House person, whether this is through reading all the same comic books as them as quickly as them or going to as many parties as them. A probably very well liked couple that loves being in social groups and showing how full of light and fun their relationship is.

A lot of fun sex, not necessarily super deep though.

The First House in Astrology: Your Appearance and How Others See You

Be careful to not just have a superficial relationship simply because you are both entertained. Jupiter in the 6th : Jupiter may help the House person with their day to day work: chores, job, what have you, which the house person really appreciates. The Jupiter person will enjoy hearing about the house persos day to day activities more than anyone else!

They will help lift their spirits if they have a bad day at the office or wherever. The house person probably needed to be less tense about their work and the Jupiter person helps them w that! The two will have to work on balancing work and play and attitudes about both. Jupiter in the 7th : Love is like a daydream with this person. They may bicker from time to time, but they have a blast together doing practically anything. The Jupiter person boosts the house persons ego and may make them feel as if theyve found their match. The house person probably also boosts the Jupiter persons ego and the Jupiter person loves that.

They are super silly together. Again may be a tendency to gloss over serious matters and miscommunication can occur because they are focused on the fun exclusively. Jupiter in 8th : this is definitely not somewhere Jupiter is comfortable, but depending on the Jupiter persons chart, they may just survive in this intense house. Sex is allllll the time and very very satisfactory for both parties. However Jupiter can feel overweighted and suffocated in the house of darkness and intensity and passion. The house person may attempt to bring the Jupiter person into the darker parts of their world and the Jupiter person may not run with it like they hoped they would.

Jupiter is expansive though, and will not naturally judge the House person, they will just take some time to warm up to the themes of the house. Jupiter in 9th : this is where Jupiter is the most comfortable and thus the two individuals with this overlay will feel very comfortable in their union. Talking about all their philosophical and spiritual dreams! Expanding together via traveling far and wide! Trying new things - food, cities, continents. They love different cultures and make excellent travel buddies.

The Jupiter person probably greatly admires the knowledge the house person has and are probably strongly attracted to them for that specific reason. They grow well together mentally and otherwise. Very few riffs because they have such a similarity. Jupiter in 10th : another place where Jupiter can really help the House person with their work! Mostly in the way of image and networking here.

The Jupiter person brings luck to the House persons occupation and image. They make them look better immediately which the house person with be ever grateful for.

The Jupiter person can feel stifled here though. The house person will fight for them to stay and may have to give up something they cared a lot about in the area of career and image. Jupiter in 11th : electric friendship that can lead to romance! A good balance of a lot in common and a lot of differences to keep both parties that love stimulation interested.

They both may feel a superiority to others once they get together and may because of this spend a great deal of time together, feeling they finally found someone original and cool. Will always be great friends first and foremost. May fight for very liberal causes together. Jupiter in 12th : Jupiter gets complicated here. The Jupiter person is expanding in the house of their partners subconscious.

The Jupiter person may help them come out of their shell and actually speak up about their dreams and hidden idiosyncrasies and the things they are afraid of because Jupiter comes without much judgment! They can feel they can tell the Jupiter person more than they can tell most or anyone. There can be a lot of affection and attraction that other people may not understand or the two people involved.

A lot of illusions could arise.

Using Astrology to Understand the Human Condition

While the 2nd house is the House of Possessions, it also includes the Self. It is easy for people to like you with this aspect because you are genuinely interested in lots of things. Once they have settled down, you may find yourself to be the or be with the most playful human you have ever met.

Your first house represents your outwards personality, the way that you present yourself around others, how people perceive you, and your personal identity. Sun in 1st House: You are very down-to-earth and genuine, with a natural inclination to just be yourself rather than who you think that others want you to be. This is a very expressive placement that can bless people with incredible artistic abilities.

If you actually listen to them, they have some very useful and unique insight. Nothing gets you down more than when people turn their backs on your enthusiasm and shoot you down. Jupiter in 1st House: You have a very fun, exciting, optimistic, and thoughtful energy. People need folks like you to keep them out of trouble. Neptune in 1st House: This placement comes with a lot of creative potential, letting you express all kinds of deep and thought-out ideas smoothly and fluently, many times without even needing to try.

People with this placement are constantly growing and developing, and love sharing their stories with others. This placement gives you a natural push to develop it even further than most others in the long run.

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Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. The first house narrates the story of our first steps in this world. Mercury Jupiter Mercury in the first house Jupiter in the first house Jupiter in the 1st house Mercury in the 1st house mine my post astrology thoughts astrology reference. House overlays Jupiter in the 1st : the Jupiter person feeds the ego of the first house person. Indicators of Sports in the Natal Chart.

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It is easy for people to like you with this aspect because you are genuinely interested in lots of things - Scorpio venuses are actually really fun and funny in a relationship. Luck is often on your side , which is why you continue to move forward so rapidly without fear of the consequences. And when it does, you will come crashing down hard.

Learn to slow down a bit and think things through to their general conclusion once in a while. You may then find your lucky streak grow even longer. With your strong morals and values , Jupiter in the 1st house personality is determined to do the right thing no matter what. You believe anything is possible and always try to think positive. Your kind and generous nature take you far in life.

This will happen only if you can take the focus off yourself sometimes and do something good without receiving any benefit from it. You tend to forge ahead without waiting for anyone else, and when it works, it works well. Read more about planets in houses here.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! With Jupiter in the 1 st house, focus on using your better judgment to take the next step. This will help with your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Learn to develop a better sense of action through thought and planning, and your good luck will continue. Test Now! The one thing you always have on your side is your good-natured sense of humor and jovial manner.

So remain positive, and good vibes will come your way. Make sure to take a step back and review the situation before barreling ahead and making matters worse. You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to fixing a broken situation. Other people are just as capable as you are of doing the right thing, so let them. People tend to favor a cheerful resolve over a more serious tone.

The people with Jupiter in the 1st house have plenty of enthusiasm to take them far.