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During Chiron's transit through compassionate Pisces, we found healing via artistic channels such as music, poetry, and our imagination. The collective learned the true meaning of divinity, surrender, and universal love. Chiron in Aries, however, will challenge our personal identity, self-confidence, and general sense of self. This nine-year-long transit will help us tap into our individuality, so we can confidently move towards our personal mission. We all need to learn how to defend ourselves somehow, right? At the end of the day, we're all warriors, and we are in our right to be completely and authentically ourselves, no matter what.

If there's anyone who knows how to stand up for themselves it's you, Aries. Although, what else is missing? Are you being true to your personal needs? What are you trying to portray? TBH, I'm not referring to a physical item. Instead, I'm wondering what you're hiding from yourself, and the rest of the world for that matter.

Who knows you might finally stop going to war with yourself. Despite your love for gossiping and bickering, you're typically not one to go to war with any of your tribe members. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for yourself, Gemini. You despise the idea of being center of attention. Not because you don't enjoy the recognition, but because you fear the idea of being criticized.

Chiron trine part of fortune

Yes, there are similarities. You could say that both will spend a lot of time talking about money, possessions, and values. Both could be quite good at giving financial advice. What's the difference? The one with the Taurus Chiron in the 3rd house will tend to talk in a slower, methodical, and more practical way because that's how Taurus influences function.

Chiron in Astrology – Turning Wounds into Medicine

They would also tend to give financial advice that is conservative and rock solid. The person with Chiron in Gemini in the 2nd house, by contrast, could just as easily talk about trivial financial matters. Or they may constantly shift from one financial topic to another. They would be more likely to give financial advice that is based on the latest up to date information or the latest fad. It is always good to keep in mind the difference between where a planet works and how. Chiron in Cancer: The superficial interpretation would be that there were childhood troubles with the mother.

Brilliant deduction. Hey, who didn't have some childhood problems with both parents? The real key here is how we dealt with it. The positive part of Chiron in Cancer is that you can be very nurturing. This is a very good position for therapists and caregivers of any sort. The negative side is that you find it difficult to nurture yourself or let others nurture you. Everybody has some degree of difficulty in growing up and severing that psychological umbilical cord with mama.

Chiron in Cancer people tend to take a longer time than most to do the job. Once you do this, though, and learn to accept as well as give nurturing, you should be fine. So stop whining and complaining. Chiron in Leo: Chiron in Leo people have the ability to help others with their creativity. They could make good art teachers or art therapists. On the negative side, it could be an indicator that, as children, their creativity was either stifled or over stimulated.

Some were blocked or ridiculed, "Are you kidding?

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You'll never be a professional baseball player, or musician, or artist" while others were pushed by ambitious parents who liked to live through the child "Hey, come to the Little League game and watch my kid play third base" or "My child is starring in the school play today". Children may react by either trying extra hard to please Mommy and Daddy even if they don't like their particular creative field or they will shut down and stifle their own creative urge. The treatment for these Chiron problems is to get in touch with your own inner creative child again and relearn how to create for fun.

Chiron in Virgo: Virgo in our horoscope shows where we can best deal with details, and how we deal with matters of health and general well being. Chiron placed here can produce a person who is excessively critical, obsessed with insignificant details, and cleanliness. Conversely, they may simply give up the struggle and be absolutely horrible when it comes to organizing, doing a decent job, or keeping clean. Hypochondria is also a possibility, but you could also get a person who neglects their own health while giving excellent advise about it to everyone else.

Perhaps there was excessive criticism in their childhood. Chiron in Libra: Relationships are affected by this placement. Libra shows the place in our life where we need and usually want to cooperate.

With Chiron placed here, one possibility is that we could shun any cooperation and isolate ourselves shades of the opposite sign, Aries. Another possibility is a partner who manages to open up our old psychological wounds or causes some new ones. Conversely, the person with this placement could be the one to open other people's old wounds. Lots of times, Chiron in Libra people will desperately want a partner, but once they get one, they will drive them away.

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Chiron in Scorpio: The issue here is power. Those with Chiron in Scorpio may fear their own power and try to suppress it.

Chiron in Astrology – Turning Wounds into Medicine

Conversely, they may feel powerless and try to cover this up by acting strong even to the point of being a bully. Sex is only one way this may work out, and yes, having compulsive sex is one possibility. Another is an avoidance of sex because it's too "dangerous" they may try to dominate me.

This would be a perfect placement for a sex therapist who can help everyone else with their sexual problems but cannot help themselves. Inheritance matters may also be a sore point. Problems and upsets would tend to come with it. Chiron in Sagittarius: Sagittarius has to do with our ability to get the "big picture" and our ability to judge.

The negative side of the sign is that it may show where we do not listen to anyone else because we already "understand" it all. For instance, if Chiron is in Sagittarius in the 2nd house money we may not listen to financial advice from others. We would be too busy giving our own.

Chiron in Astrology: Trauma and the Wounded Healer in your Chart

Always double-check any advice given to you by someone with Chiron in Sagittarius, especially if they claim to be an expert on the subject. Those with this Chiron placement who seem to be more modest and don't try to push their views on you are more likely to be the ones who give good advice. Chiron in Capricorn: Capricorn has to do with our ability to control and organize. Chiron here can make you over organized and compulsively controlling. Conversely, there could be rebellion against being organized at all.

As always, Chiron seems to do best when aimed outward, toward others. This is a good placement for an efficiency expert, or for someone whose career involves helping others organize things. Chiron in Aquarius: This can be a sort of Svengali placement. You may have a genius for helping other people express their genius.

Aquarius being an air sign rules ideas. Its specialty is new, far-out, revolutionary, shocking, and bizarre ideas, the ones that society hasn't caught up with yet. As always with Chiron, someone with this placement may be devoted totally to radical, new systems of thought, or reject them entirely. In both cases, they may not even consider other points of view. The solution lies in remembering that Chiron serves as a bridge between Saturn everything old and conservative and Uranus out with the old, in with the new, and do it damn fast.

Don't stick blindly with the old, but don't throw it out before you think about it first. Look for a way to blend the old with the new and you will make a start to dealing with your Chiron in Aquarius. Chiron in Pisces: If you have this placement, make an extra effort to get rid of your unearned guilt. And please don't wander the world looking for people to "save," at least not until you have saved yourself first. Be careful of a tendency to play the "victim" yourself or, more likely, to BE the victim. You do have the ability, however, to help everyone else be more imaginative and creative.

In fact, doing that could be an excellent antidote for dealing with the negative side of this placement. Chiron aspects to the Sun can make you feel "special. There is an ability to help others with their creativity and self-expression, but if you have this aspect, make sure not to neglect your own. Negatively, there could be an increased sensitivity to criticism of any sort. Learn to take it without feeling like you are being attacked or that they all hate you.

Chiron and the Moon: When you were a kid, did you have the feeling that your mother wanted to be doing something else instead of take care of you? One of the negative effects of Chiron in aspect to the Sun mentioned above is difficulty in accepting criticism. By contrast, with Chiron aspecting the Moon, you can think you are being criticized you even when you are not, and then you react to this imaginary "attack.

Be careful not to smother while you mother. Chiron and Mercury: The positive side of this combination is increased ability to communicate and teach, to stir the minds of others. These aspects can really be inspirational. But, you could feel that you have just communicated brilliantly when you actually didn't. Conversely, you might feel that your communication bombed when it was really right on target.

Chiron and Venus: Please try to get some pleasure for yourself in a relationship instead of always helping your partner to open up. These aspects are also good for giving great financial advice Venus rules Taurus, the money sign while one's own handling of money matters is a disaster area.

Chiron and Mars: The difficulties here involve aggression and assertiveness. People with these aspects could be ultra aggressive as a cover for feelings of inadequacy, or, conversely, behave passively to conceal inner rage and hostility. This is a perfect position for a coach who can teach Chiron others how to perform athletic feats that they themselves could never do.

Chiron and Jupiter: The stressful aspects square, opposition, and sometimes the conjunction can produce a person who has all the answers. Just ask them. The problem is that the crusading tendencies are usually a cover to keep from facing up to one's own inner problems. Conversely, there may be a total lack of faith or optimism. The cure in both cases is to confront the inner wounds that are really underlying the outward behavior. A big danger with this placement is that one can become a guru groupie or a seer sucker.

Indeed, they can fill others with optimism even when they themselves feel pessimistic and depressed. Chiron and Saturn: Saturn organizes and controls. The reason could a fear of letting go, or perhaps they are still trying to please an over restrictive parent. The other side of the coin would be someone who is highly disorganized and sloppy, or seems too fearful or depressed to make a move.

A high colonic would be helpful here to remove that lead pipe Saturn from their rear end. Chiron and Uranus: This type of person is the one who can say things like: "Be for peace, or I'll kill you! They love the ideal of brotherhood and sisterhood of all people. It's relating to actual, live, real human beings that turns them off. This is because relating requires them to show some feelings, a concept they find alien and icky.

But feelings and emotions are exactly what have to be worked on here. More often, they will come up with off the wall ideas that they claim are works of genius. If they manage to keep themselves grounded, in contact with reality and their own emotions, their true genius can flow freely. Chiron and Neptune: Neptune rules dreams, imagination, and intuition. Later that day, at P. EST, the sun moves into Pisces, kicking off the last season of the zodiac.

Honestly, who cares about a box of chocolate? You have bigger fish to fry. Lean into this electric energy by first identifying what is no longer working in your life.

Chiron Signs: The Key to Discovering Your Core Wound & Healing Powers

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