Montréal is enchantingly moody as autumn turns to winter

After a super deep and underbelly-revealing year of Jupiter in Scorpio, this is a welcome shift toward buoyancy, curiosity, and enjoyment. Happy Birthday to all our Scorpio Sun signs and our Sagittarians as well later in the month! This will be a delicious time to start your next trip around the Sun. We also begin the final few months of Uranus in Aries for another 84 years! Read up on what this all means for your sign! The recent influx of texts-from-an-ex recedes mid-month when your true powers of love and intimacy are restored.

Daily horoscope: Taurus

Save your most important flirtations and friend dates for the last two weeks of November, and enjoy! Power scent: Glossier You , clean, warm, and simple. Nightly ritual: Coconut Oil Body Polish to leave you sweet and renewed. Protection: A simple weekly salt bath with Himalayan Pink Salt to clear old energy and shield from bad vibes. Stay alert for patrons of the arts, sponsors, benefactors, and those who want to support you in the coming year.

After a strange month of your ruler Venus in retrograde, with zombie ex reappearances and feeling perhaps a bit less invigorated, your full glow and powers of seduction return mid-month, helping you hustle up some cash or encounter an inspiring flirtation while going about your daily routine. Up your love prospects magically by sprinkling some Ylang Ylang oil on your mattress and enhance that glow with this glistening Marc Jacobs glow stick. You are the most change-bound sign in , so the next few months are last call for old ghosts and lingering fears.

This is the perfect time to release the old exfoliate and visualize past challenges getting washed down the drain for extra help with this and decide what you do want.

November 17 1982 horoscope

Your prospects for merging talents or falling in love are incredible, so make a wish! The second half of the month is ideal for writing and cooking up creative projects, too. We do have Mercury Retrograde this month, which means you should ideally wait to sign contracts or finalize negotiations, but this is more about Big Picture preparation for a year of enhanced cash flow and enticing work opportunities.

Strange and surprising encounters help this along. Your relationship philosophy is definitely quality over quantity at the moment, and the second half of the month brings a returned sweetness to your homelife and important connections. Invite someone dear to you over for dinner and bring a new, beautiful object into your home to enhance prosperity.

Nightly ritual: Caudalie Night Infusion Cream to brighten and firm the complexion. Power scent: Byredo Gypsy Water to bring you back to nature.

What Does Your Cat’s Zodiac Sign Say About Them?

Passion reignites and ideas are fertile, so get in the studio, your journal, or wherever you need to be to create. This is just the beginning of an entire year of inspiration ahead.

You may notice people suddenly looking extra good and available too. Your seduction prospects are excellent so go out, indulge, and smell as good as possible. The second half of the month has you revisiting old ideas or projects, which could be very productive, and some texts from or to an ex are quite likely as well. Your reinvigorated creative spark can take you to a whole other level now as you finish off the artistic or intellectual evolution of the past seven years and come out on top in Nightly ritual: The Ordinary Rosehip Oil for the smoothest, calmest skin.

This month begins a year of enhanced coziness, abundance, and feeling at home in the world.

♉ Taurus September 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Your ruler Mercury stations retrograde mid-month so momentum may slow a bit, but your prosperity prospects and overall feelings of self love are enhanced, so just be patient and call on your exceptional powers of adaptability. Be extra kind to yourself by taking baths with lavender essential oil and giving yourself a sweet nightly skin ritual. So, I decided to consult a professional astrologer Fiona Graham to find out what the Age of Aquarius is and whether it can clear a few things up for us. Fiona explains that astrology is more than star signs.

Instantly I feel soothed. This describes how the equinoctial point gradually slips backwards against the backdrop of the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac. It takes 25, years to move through all 12 signs and this cycle is known as The Great Year. Within this Year, there are 12 Great Ages which are the periods of time around 2, years that are spent with the equinoctial point passing through each of the 12 signs.

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So The Age of Aquarius represents the period in which it travels through Aquarius. Each sign represents archetypal qualities with both positive and negative manifestations. So, is the Age of Aquarius a good thing? Christianity incorporates the symbols of the fishes and the washing of feet all Piscean associations , and the broader notions of crusading spirituality, compassion, sacrifice, redemption Pisces again.

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This is up for debate. Our generation could time it by the technological revolution we are currently in the throes of. So, how could this phenomenon possibly explain the tumult and rapid change the human race is currently experiencing?


This is a very good time for reflection and contemplation. Also, make plans for some small adjustments.

So act with caution at every turn. The good news is that they will add a lot of excitement to your life, and get you a lot of attention. The bad news is that all the activity will separate you from the people you really care about, at least for a few days. Be sure to be clear about your commitments. But try not to distance yourself from this friend who has become something of a bummer. If you are looking for more substance, you are sure to find some today.